Clipping Plane cut is ~3 times faster than Level Cut Plane

I experienced a huge viewport performance drop when using Cut Planes associated with Levels vs normal Clipping Planes - note that this is a very simple Cut Plane (not any zig-zag section).
VA Levels Cut Planes are very handy, but the performance dropdown is unbearable at times.

HI @Czaja can you share that model so we can test this in our machines?

I’ve sent you a private message with the file.

For the future, how the VA Team would like to receive bigger files?
External download link sent to

Thanks for the support!

Thanks @Czaja for the file. We will see how to improve performance speed when using VisualARQ cut planes and Sections.
If you ever need to send us large files, you can generate a link with and send it to us to

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