Rhino 6 with VisualArq _ Layouts really slow

Hello, I’ve been usig Rhino layouts for the last 6 months or so and I’m having some difficulty because the files get really slow after creating the layputs. I’ve been wondering if the problem is my computer, if it doesn’t have the right specifications. I’ve already updated all drivers. I use VisualArq plugin as well for modelling and my files are large and complex.

Hi @c.castilho, the speed performance of the model from page layouts depends on the number of details, the display mode you are using inside them, the amount and complexity of geometry to display, whether you have clipping planes active, or VisualARQ sections or cut planes active, and of course your PC capabilities.
The fact you are using VisualARQ should not affect so much the performance speed. In any case, don-t hesitate to send us the file to visualarq@asuni.com so we can check if there’s anything unusual that makes the model run slow.