One Clipping Plane affects other CP

Rhino 7.4.21054.9561

A couple of days ago I brought back the topic about how poor performance Level Sections in Visual ARQ
are and they are pretty much unusable in 3D View

(3 times less FPS than with Clipping Planes - Clipping Planes also affect viewport performance in a very bad way)

Because of that, I am forced to not use VA Level Sections and use regular Rhino Clipping Planes.
It didn’t take long to run into a bug with Clipping Planes… :expressionless:

Changing one Clipping Plane is affecting other Clipping Planes also - turning one off is also turning the other Clipping Planes off.

Can you please assign some resources to make Clipping Planes more stable and usable?

clipping plane.3dm (46.5 KB)

Hello - I think that is this bug -


Clipping Plane Malfunction.3dm (8.4 MB)
Test file

I am running into this same issue- Rhino 7 Windows