Clipping Plane Bug in details

looks like there is a bug with clipping planes in Details. If I enable a clipping plane in a Detail, and then copy the Detail, it appears like the clipping plane is active in the new Detail too. However this is true to a problematic level. If I try to disable the clipping plane in the new Detail the model will remain clipped in that Detail. I can even delete the clipping plane completely and the model will remained clipped in that Detail.

It seems like the information to clip the Detail is transferred to the new Detail, but the connection to the actual clipping plane is broken so that modifying the original clipping plane doesn’t affect how the new Detail is clipped. This is most apparent by copying the Detail to a new model where the clipping plane doesn’t exist. The Detail will continue to be clipped even in the new model.

This problem is not insurmountable as things seem to work as long as I make new Details instead of copying existing ones, but it would sure be nice to have fixed.

Hi @NavArch
Do you still see this bug in SR10 (released today)? I can’t repeat this issue.

Yes, it is still happening.
I’ve got an example I can show you.

Ok, I’ve logged this at