Persistent clipping in copy and pasted details

In one file create a detail in layout space, double click into the detail and set a clipping plane so that the detail is is clipped (you may want to create some geo in model space to see the clipping happening). Then copy that detail and paste in to a new file. The new detail will still have the clipping, but no clipping plane will travel with it. Also, if you have your display mode set to show fills or edges for clipping planes, those fills and edges wont show in the copied detail (which I guess is because the clipping plane isn’t there).

I actually was quite excited at first that clipping survived, but it seems odd that after pasting in the detail that is clipped, there is now no way to modify the clipping. I would propose that the clipping info is retained as it is now, but the the clipping plane(s) that affect the detail travel with that detail so you can modify the way the detail is clipped.


Hi Sam - thanks, that does sound wrong, I’ll check it.