Layouts bug?

Just encountered a possible bug (?):

In a layout, I used Alt+Gumball to copy a Detail. The Detail’s clipping plane display properties (edges, shading) did not match the original Detail. However, by double clicking on the Details, it toggles the display properties back and forth. See the vid here:

Furthermore, if I add more Details, only one maintains the clipping pane edge. at a time.


Hi Declan - Do you mean the display mode settings did not match? I just tried what I think you describe and it all seems to work OK here,so I am missing a step, I guess.

Nope, wait - I do see it now I think… Yep, got it, thanks - just gotta click the right places.


All the settings seem to match:

The Clipping Plane’s object properties are set to apply the clipping plane to both Details, but it toggles between them.

All details are set to the same display mode.

Any workarounds or is this a bug? It seems to happen even if without the Alt+Gumball method (if I just create a new Detail).

Right - it is not related to copying as far as I can see. Same problem in V6/WIP. I’ll log a bug - thanks. I do not see a workaround, no…