Clipping Planes in Detail Views

I’m happy to see that clipping planes now work in detail views (Version 5 SR9 64-bit). There still seems to be something wrong with the way geometry displays in the details however. If I run a clipping plane through a polysurface in the model window, the model is cut and shows lines/edges where the clipping plane intersects.

In my detail views the edges seem to switch on and off as I move or edit the details in any way. I’m using Pen display mode, but the problem exists in Shade mode also.

Open the attached file to the layout page and move any of the detail views. For me, all but the visible edges vanish. In other words, the resulting section view created is almost gone. The interesting thing is, I tried to do a screen capture to send along and as soon as I right-click on the view tab and scroll down to do the capture, the edges all turn back on like magic. So. maybe there’s a workaround, but something seems broken. anybody else see this?