Clipper not showing in tab

Recently installed clipper plugin but not there in the palette tab anywhere inside my gh but available in component folder I installed by testpackagemanager command and manually from food for rhino too. But still not there in gh why this behavior

Which version of Rhino / Grasshopper are you using?

When installing manually, did you make sure to unblock all *.gha, *.dll and *.rhp files? (In wnidows explorer right click > properties > unblock?

@Anyone at mcneel, what would be good steps to debug such a situation?

Checked this there is no problem in this rhino 6 user

Tried loading grasshopper load one by one that it’s asking clipper but inside I can’t see

Can you send a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

Which specific version of rhino are you using?
What does it say if you go to help > about rhinoceros?

Version 6 SR26
(6.26.20147.6511, 05/26/2020)

@wim @pascal can help me

Post a video showing exactly how you installed Clipper