Can't install plugin

Hi! I can’t seem to install the Pufferfish plug in. I have downloaded and copied each version of the plugin into the components folder, yet nothing appears when I open gh…any ideas on what may be happening??

Is there an error message in the Rhino command history when you load Grasshopper?

You may have to unblock the gha file, I don’t know how pufferfish installs. Files downloaded from the interwebs will be blocked by Windows from running until you unblock them via the file properties.

No, it just doesn’t appear in the grasshopper tabs. Do you know how to unblock them?

Hi, this doesn’t have to do with Pufferfish, it had to do with your download and firewall security settings. Blocked plugin downloads are common and if you read the Pufferfish info on the download page I have even included how to install grasshopper plugins. Read the part about blocked plugins.


I unlocked it and it worked. Thank you!