Clicking Enter cancels command

How to make Enter work like in Autocad?
When I draw a line at certain distance and click Enter it make a good flow,
In Rhino3d Enter cancels command. It needs left click to confirm a distance.
I don’t like this flow. Is it possible to make it work like in Autocad?

Rhino needs you to type a distance (or angle and distance) and press enter, or left click a point to show it a distance and direction.

As far as I know, AutoCAD works the same way in that regard, but I haven’t used it in many years.

It doesn’t work the same in Autocad.

In Autocad you type distance and Enter, you continue or right click cancels the command
In Rhino3d when you type distance and Enter (Enter cancels everything)

I don’t like this flow and I don’t know how to change it in Rhino3d.
Enter means confirmation not cancellation.
thanks for replying.

Rhino needs two pieces of information: the distance and the direction.
You can imply the direction by dragging the mouse the direction you want and tapping the Tab key to lock it in. Then if you type the distance and tap Enter, it will draw the segment that far.
All this is covered in the User’s Guide:

You would probably save yourself a lot of frustration if you skimmed through it since you are so familiar with AutoCAD.

@kriskopec - There are differences between AutoCAD and Rhino in the sequence of the line command for sure. I don’t think there’s anything you can do to set Rhino to work like Acad does.
One difference that might be contributing to the ‘cancels everything’ part is that the Line command in Rhino ends after you draw 1 segment, whereas in Acad, it continues drawing another segment from the last point.
The enter doesn’t cancel the command, the command ends.
You could use Pline in Rhino to make that part more the same, but of course you’d get a polyline instead of a bunch of lines.