Click to expand / collapse layers removed!

I think this mod is totally unworkable!
Why would you take away this option…??


It’s a WIP…
The Layers panel was completely rewritten from scratch and that work continues.

I know it’s a WIP.

I’ve been through the process for every previous version.

I can’t recall though an instance where the WIP had established working features removed, without replacing them with something that was an attempt at a better solution.

If you want people to use the WIP to assess its functionality and comment on what’s happening, it is counterproductive to take something like this away, because it just means it’s too frustrating to use the software in that state.

Why release a wip that is missing an established and obviously necessary feature, rather than working on the task until you can present something more coherent?

It would be helpful if you warned us that you’d temporarily disabled or removed a feature “for sundry weighty reasons” and we could then decide we might sit that release out while you progressed with the task.

It would also stop feedback about it, and generally make things run a little smoother.

On the other hand, I can just as easily shut up and not bother to comment at all.



We need your comments. Unlike any previous version of Rhino, the layer panel is a complete rewrite in order to allow for improvements in the future. We are bound to miss something with a task this large.

@dale do you have a YT for the feature that Tony is referring to?

I believe this snuck out into the WIP before it was discovered…

something to add too is “I’m not able to adjust the column widths”

Overall, nice work the layers panel is much more comfortable to look at.

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same here…

Yep - fixed in the WIP to be released later this week…

– Dale


I confirm issue solved with the latest WIP released today

Hi All,

Great to see this issue is being sorted. I just logged on to have a rant but was beaten to the post. Just two points to add.

  1. Not sure if it was fixed fully or this fix is intentional, but it’s still different from before. In previous versions we had the ability to expand/collapse all sublayers. Now expand/collapse works for only one layer at a time. This change is great but could we have the expand all as well please. It makes life quicker when scanning for layers.

  2. Great work guys!!! Tbh I usually stay away from WIPs due to instabilities, bugs and constant changes but so many new (and begged for features) are added to R8, I find myself using it more now than R7. For instance, that selective clipping is a game changer - Hope you guys are also working with ChaosGroup (and others alike) to enable it with rendering.


Yes, I see that.

Thanks for reporting.

– Dale

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RH-76916 is fixed in the latest WIP

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