Layers not working right

After the latest update I’m having issues with layers. I work on a file with multiple layers, save, exit. Open that file and the objects have been move to other layers. The first time it happened I thought I must have accidentally made a mistake and moved them but with the amount of items I was skeptical. This just happened again and I am certain this is a bug.

I’ve been trying to reproduce this in the latest build of the day here but no luck so far. Do you have a file you can send or post and any reproducible steps?

Brian, I will get that file fixed up in V5 so you can see the comparison between the layers that the objects were on before the mix-up occured. I’ll then try bringing it back into the WIP and try to get it to do it again and will keep you posted. I sent you the file via message as I don’t think my customer would appreciate me posting it publicly.

Thanks… continuing through private message but I’ll post back here if and when I know anything useful.