New ETO Layer Panel

Cool that the rewritten layer panel is ‘online’ in R8 WIP! First impressions:

  • Moving these column separators left and right is glitchy. Some ‘hangs’ occur every now and then.

  • Please don’t forget all the sub-panels, and make them fit for dark mode!

  • It can happen that the layer panel (when undocked) gets behind the main application window.
    Repro: undock the panel, click on another open application (the browser in my case). Panel disappears. A click on the rhino window will bring it back.

  • The filter functions are obviously not finished yet. When you do, please don’t forget to put the search input field into the panel’s toolbar directly.

  • Are you going to support moving layers up/down by drag&drop WITHOUT making them sub-layers? So these stupid little arrows up there can finally go away.
    The way the Layouts panel works is a good example. The list items can just be moved up/down directly, and a separator line is displayed in doing do.

  • It would be nice if it was possible to toggle/lock multiple layers at once by ‘swiping’ across the column. This is e.g. possible in Adobe Illustrator.



You moved “Change Object Layer” up in the menu! Thumbs up!
(please don’t move it back down again)

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  • The flashlight and lock icon must be updated

  • Choose the second color for the current layer

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… and yes: Please add an option to select the content of a layer by simply ALT-clicking on it!
(ALT would be possible because it is unused here)

Of course, if more layers are selected in the panel, all objects on all these layers should be selected this way.


The way it was implemented on Mac worked perfectly IMO. With those arrows it is now much more cumbersome? Can we have that functionality - as shown in the video - back? And maybe also make it available for the Windows version.



We’ll get there eventually. The initial goal was to make what Windows provided cross-platform. Once we’re happy we’ve done this, we’ll make additional tune up to (hopefully) make everyone happy.

– Dale


Try this:

1.) Select a layer
2.) Hold your Shift key down and click in the Lock column of another layer.

This works in versions of Windows prior to the WIP (too).

– Dale