Layer panel has seriuos bugs

I worked on a file saved it and when I reopened the file all my objects were on different layers and there were about 20 default layers created. I didn’t save the file this way and never created all those default layers.

This is really bad because any other bug I can deal with but not this one as there is no work around for it on large files with lots of items and once this happens the file is nuked. The worse thing is that I saved the file and it was fine, that’s why this bug is really bad. Imagine not knowing if a file will open correctly even if it was saved correctly and worse it doesn’t mean that any amount of back up files will work.

These are the things I did in this file, rendered, imported pdf files with line work, created picture frames.
Also maybe history is not turning off I had it on for a few operations then turned it off, I think this has a bug in it too because I got occasional history warnings even after turning it off.
Last but not least maybe windows defender is doing something.

I could always trust Rhino even in wip stage to open or save a file but this is a big show stopper for V6 in general.

Are you still seeing the extra layer creation issue? I haven’t been able to reproduce it here so far. If you have an example file that this occurred with please send it in to or post here.