Click right button on block and make it unique

This would be useful to add some basic operations on blocks to the menu invoked by righ mouse click on a block. similarly to sketchup it could be for example make block unique (pop up would occur to rename)

Personally speaking, this is the most irritating thing about sketchup. Especially if multiple people have their hands in the same model. When you make a component unique on they fly, your model will get messy–fast. Further, you also have components inside components…some are made unique…and some aren’t… It’s an inception nightmare.

You could probably write a Macro to explode and re-block your geometry. _Explode and _ExplodeBlock give you more control because you can decide to explode just the block selected or also explode all the blocks inside the selected block.

I usually use it for windows. I just have it as block called window1 i copy it somewhere else make unique, rename and then adjust dimensions to fit the opening.

generally speaking. it is nearly impossible to avoid nested objects when managing complex projects. Just picture one railing amogst other 1000 in one building. One railing is one block comprising of many blocks of railing posts and another for railing handle. Even railing posts can contain sub-block for anchorage and the anchorage can contain another sub-block for bolts and bolts can contain another sub block for screws and washers… If you have strict system in this you can make your model as organized and neat as one wishes for. Rhino just need to strengthen block functionality in synergy with user attributes so user can retrieve properties across nested block structure. Imagine you need to tell every railing posts what railing it belongs to you simply call for a function to retrieve name of highest block in the hierarchy. If you want to know general info about your railing you retrieve info about how many sub blocks of given name is inside your main block.