Block Edit upgrade in V8?

In short, the nested block navigation and hide/show similar/rest function in SketchUp is really really useful to manage nested block hierarchy and build a strong relationship in your model with modular info, the below plugin makes it possible while current Rhino functions fell short:

This plugin introduced functionalities that has been dreamed about for block management in Rhino, the only problem is that it’s very buggy right now either because it needs more work or because the way block management is handled in Rhino atm. It would be amazing to see these functionalities implemented in Rhino natively!

Features requested that this plugin includes:

  • make current block unique to create variations
  • rename current block
  • go into child nested block editing by double clicking instead of clicking the name in a menu (because sub blocks might all have the same name)
  • having a button to go 1 layer up to the parent block
  • hide/show things outside of block for focused modeling

Additional Features requested:

  • option to create block based on CPlane instead of defaulting to world coordinates
  • visualize the origin point of a block and make it snap-pable
  • allow a block definition to have its own CPlane?
  • allow easy mirror and rotate in regard to its own CPlane?
  • having the block management as a float side panel instead of window for faster management?

Thank you!