BLOCK Improvement - WISH

I know this has been discussed, I’m sure.

But I want to express something I’ve always wanted to see within the blockedit.

  • add a search bar or at lease have a drop down like you have when you go to NAME the block. I usually have hundreds of blocks with multiple nests inside and then again and so forth

  • in addition to this, I’d like to be able to double click on any subassemblies which I know I’ve brought up many times.

  • or is it possible to open the block edit, and CLICK in the model on a specific thing and somehow open from there?

  • finally I would totally appreciate the ability to COLLAPSE ALL button, EXPAND ALL button. This could potentially save me hours on a project.


My main frustration is that it is so hard to locate your specific block when you have so many and want to focus on a specific area to work from —