Cleaning up mesh faces

I’ve been trying to clean up the mesh triangles on a model and Ive taken an example from a wall that was exported from Revit as an fbx. I’ve run quadrangulatemesh on the mesh and achieve an ok result as shown in the first object in the photo. The 2nd plane shows the mesh after using rebuildmesh. The 3rd, selected, plane is the fbx wall that only shows the mesh triangles once selected. Is there a way to clean up all the mesh triangles and turn them into cleaner quads?

Generally the answer is, Yes. But the best way to accomplish it is a little less clear. A few questions:

  1. I do not see images attached to the message here. Can you attach them?
  2. What is the final goal for the model?
  3. Can you send us and example Revit file?

From the distance I am at, I would use Revit> Rhino.Inside.Revit > Rhino > Quadremesh and bypass FBX all together. Let Rhino do all the meshing. Although that may not fulfill your final goal?

Hey thanks for replying, I just edited the post to include a picture. The goal of the model is to have a revit model without any triangular mesh faces. Unfortunately I am unable to post more then what I’ve shown in the picture, I can upload a mesh plane of one part of the wall that I used in the example if that works

So the goal is a pure quad mesh.

Do the walls have openings? or cutouts?

Is this for analysis so the wall sand openings are always only a single surface?

The reason I ask is here are a number of results that are possible,

Yes the goal is a pure quad mesh. The walls will have openings and cutouts similar to the ones in the example you posted. Yes this will be for an analysis but it will be a combined model of both single planes and 3d models. I think the best outcome would be the quad remesh tool that you posted but I guess that would require Rhino 7

Absolutely, Rhino 7 is the way to go. If you own Rhino 6, you can download the WIP of Rhino 7 today. There you can run Rhino.Inside.Revit and the new Quadremesher. This will allow the geometry to be extracted in a much friendlier structure for quad mesh results.