Mesh a cube should be all quads

Make a cube and mesh it and see that the top and bottom are triangulated. Why?
On the one to the right I used reduce mesh with “planar only”. Could this be incorporated?

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try quadmesh it’s early and wipish but give it a go-

v6 that is…

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Thanks, I’ll give it a go, but still the ordinary meshing could/would/should benefit from doing this right, should it not?

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can’t say…meshing is meh v5 and earlier…fingers crossed it’s getting some attention now…

Hm, making a 10x10x10 cube will not easily return a simple quadmesh.
I tried with different lengths and with 10 it makes nothing.

Ok maybe not what you’re after, but try the MeshBox command…

Why fight if you can run around away from the trouble? :smiley:

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This still happens throughout other meshing stuff. If you trim a rectangle into two with a line and create two quads it will return 4 faces as triangles… It can be easily fixed with the quadrangular mesh but I see this as a work around.

Initial Geometry

After MeshSplit

After QuadrangulateMesh

I believe meshing needs improvement in all these aspects.

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QuadrangulateMesh does the trick but it feels to me a work around and I believe it should work as you describe.