Can you keep naked SubD edges straight?

In this roof shell, the oval-shaped openings started as rectangles. Is there a way to keep those as rectangles after the subdivision? Creases don’t work because they’re naked, and turning on mesh corners in the subd command doesn’t seem to work either.

You need to add more definition.

Or crease the corners but this might create uggly surfaces…

I guess creasing the corners is what I need, but yes, it creates an ugly condition in the corners.

well that is tricky… but you can mesh the resulting subd if that helps if the model is at a stage where you could finish it off, then running Quadremesh over it will get rid of these funny corners. of course working in subd will be passé then.

edit: forget to add, of course you can also trim the square into the shape, this will automatically transform the subd to nurbs if that is one option.

I’d suggest using ToNURBS on the SubD after you have the form and then Trim those openings out of the resulting PolySrf using a rectangle.


use the command: _SubDCrease