Grasshopper Kangaroo. Pull down some areas

Hello all.

I have created a roof with Kangaroo.

Unfortunately it is not yet as I would like it to be.

  1. the direction of the triangle is not yet optimal (I have drawn it in the screenshot).

  2. some corners are displayed very strange, with several triangles. How can I make it cleaner?

  3. there are, as seen in the picture, 4 centers. I would like these places to go down further, but still be closed at the bottom.

here is the reference image.

It should go down in these places that I have drawn on the front view.

Can anyone help me with this?

Jenny Kangaroo (29.1 KB)

Store.3dm (3.5 MB)

Jenny Kangaroo (44.5 KB)

I internalised your input curve and added four circles which I also internalised. The definition runs without the Rhino file. I’ve used an empty file with units set to centimeters.

The way you’ve used TriRemesh wasn’t right. I made the mesh a little more dense too so the circular openings look nicer.

If you want the mesh to look more like in your image with standard triangles I think I would start differently and not remesh a boundary curve. I’ll try a different approach, give me a moment.

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WOW thank you so much.

How can I change something? I add in on the picture.

You can simply change the position and orientation of the circles which are internalised in the file above.

Here’s a screenshot of how I would approach the meshing…

I created five mesh planes in Rhino and rotated some of them by 90° to affect the orientation of the triangulation. I think I’d add a separate boundary to cull the mesh faces instead of using the final organic boundary.

The anchor goal can be used to anchor the naked points on the curve. Sorting the points can be a little confusing…

Circular openings:

Jenny Kangaroo (47.8 KB)
Jenny Kangaroo mrtn.3dm (199.0 KB)

Coplanar faces / points inside circles:

Jenny Kangaroo (45.7 KB)
Jenny Kangaroo mrtn.3dm (219.3 KB)

thank you so much martin!

I have tried to rotate the circles in curves correctly. I want all 4 to be straight and not have a slope of, say, 45 degrees.

I have tried this, but then the bottom of the surface warps very strange…

Could you only do this?