Triangular optimization with Mesh machine

I have found a nice video regarding triangular surface optimization.

For the result Masmachine is needed. I have installled Kangaroo physics but it doesnt include Meshmachine. Anyone can tell me how can I get it?

I think this is the mosta actual version :

it is not part of Kangoroo Phisics anyway?

Please help!

As far as I know not

What’s exactly the Problem?

In the video it appears that Meshmachine is part of Kangaroo Phisics. But after I install Kangaroo Physics Meshmachine does not appear. My problem is that I dont now how to install, and where can I find the version can be found in the video.

Download and install old version kangaroo(0.099) fr Food for rhino.

I dont believe that the video contains a 5!! year old stuff.

Whether you believe it or not, K2 does not include meshmachine.

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I did not say that. I am just saying it is not likely that in this video contains a 5 year old stuff.

Search the old forum for standalone MM updates: