Clayoo not opening in my file properly

Hi Everyone,
So I’ve just opened a file that I’d almost finished with clayoo, but upon opening the object is just a mesh, not a clayoo object. I have no idea why, and I’ve spent hours on this and hope it’s not gone.
Does anyone have any idea why this has happened, or how I can fix it?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @jake3,

Usually that happens when a rhino command is executed into a “sub-part” of a Clayoo object. Then the Clayoo object is lost, but it could be another reason.

  • Did you execute any rhino command on the Clayoo object?
  • Do you have the basic mesh or the smooth one?

I recommend you contact with sending the file so they can give you a better support!


  1. When you save a Rhino fil with Clayoo parts you always have to make sure that plug-in data is saved
    Otherwise the Clayoo info gets lost. That is the isssue when Rhino crashes (that happens from time to time using Clayoo). You get a Crash Dump file, but without Clayoo info -> work lost

  2. When you open the file it is a mesh until you turn on Clayoo.

  3. What I recently tried after a Clayoo crash was to open the mesh in Rhino7 WIP use Quadremesh and continue with the new SubD tools. It took a bit to come to the same result, but felt comfortable. Rh7 is still WIP, but already lots of fun. It will replace Clayoo easily - and I am not sad about.

Good luck, Stefan.