Clayoo not opening in my file properly

Hi Everyone,
So I’ve just opened a file that I’d almost finished with clayoo, but upon opening the object is just a mesh, not a clayoo object. I have no idea why, and I’ve spent hours on this and hope it’s not gone.
Does anyone have any idea why this has happened, or how I can fix it?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @jake3,

Usually that happens when a rhino command is executed into a “sub-part” of a Clayoo object. Then the Clayoo object is lost, but it could be another reason.

  • Did you execute any rhino command on the Clayoo object?
  • Do you have the basic mesh or the smooth one?

I recommend you contact with sending the file so they can give you a better support!


  1. When you save a Rhino fil with Clayoo parts you always have to make sure that plug-in data is saved
    Otherwise the Clayoo info gets lost. That is the isssue when Rhino crashes (that happens from time to time using Clayoo). You get a Crash Dump file, but without Clayoo info -> work lost

  2. When you open the file it is a mesh until you turn on Clayoo.

  3. What I recently tried after a Clayoo crash was to open the mesh in Rhino7 WIP use Quadremesh and continue with the new SubD tools. It took a bit to come to the same result, but felt comfortable. Rh7 is still WIP, but already lots of fun. It will replace Clayoo easily - and I am not sad about.

Good luck, Stefan.

Hey, Jake!
Don’t worry, it’s no problem.
After launching the file and seeing the horrible hipoly mesh, simply select it and click on the smooth toggle - it’ll convert the mesh back to lopoly. Then convert it to Clay. I guess the creases will be lost anyways, alas.
Make sure that you’ve got that plug-in data check on when saving the file.
I know it’s a bit tricky but that’s how it goes with Clayoo.