Clayoo and functionality

(EMS) #1

I’m trying to learn Clayoo, and as an avid tsplines user I am having a rough go of it. It seems like Clayoo doesn’t really have the functionality of Tsplines, like, at all. I’m really surprised by it. I guess it’s fine if you aren’t building jewelry, and don’t have to make cuts, or forbid, add stones…but even being able to 2d scale from a specific area, and use snaps? It’s basically unusable…has anyone had luck actually making jewelry with it? Am I just not getting how to use it? I’ve been using the manual and TDM tutorials now it just seems like their advertising for it was less than honest. If anyone has any realistic working solutions, I’d love to hear them.


Welcome @SurfinDead,

I’m not a designer but I will try to help you. Clayoo and TSplines are similar but the underground technology used is not the same. As far as I know both systems have similiarities in how the designs look and workflow but they are still different. We have some videos of how to model a Ring in Clayoo (hope this helps):