Clayoo and functionality

I’m trying to learn Clayoo, and as an avid tsplines user I am having a rough go of it. It seems like Clayoo doesn’t really have the functionality of Tsplines, like, at all. I’m really surprised by it. I guess it’s fine if you aren’t building jewelry, and don’t have to make cuts, or forbid, add stones…but even being able to 2d scale from a specific area, and use snaps? It’s basically unusable…has anyone had luck actually making jewelry with it? Am I just not getting how to use it? I’ve been using the manual and TDM tutorials now it just seems like their advertising for it was less than honest. If anyone has any realistic working solutions, I’d love to hear them.

Welcome @SurfinDead,

I’m not a designer but I will try to help you. Clayoo and TSplines are similar but the underground technology used is not the same. As far as I know both systems have similiarities in how the designs look and workflow but they are still different. We have some videos of how to model a Ring in Clayoo (hope this helps):


My experience so far is that it’s buggy.

TDM had been doing pretty frequent bug fix updates for a while but then stopped.

It’s been almost a year since they released an update and in that time, Rhino and other 3rd party plug ins I use have released a lot of updates.

Clayoo is now barely functional on my machine. It has conflicts with RhinoCAM. Objects disappear completely and can’t be recovered when I switch from smooth mode to faceted mode. I find myself saving after every command just in case my next one crashes Rhino.

I am wondering if they have stopped developing as well because there are so many key features missing - and bugs to be fixed - and we haven’t heard a peep from them for almost a year now.

If anybody from clayoo is reading this, can we please have some info on when the next update will be and what it will include?


Sorry to hear you have some problems with Clayoo,

Which version are you using? Our latest version 2.6.18323.2 is from november 2018.
Can you provide a workflow to reproduce all the problems you’re facing?

Same question here, our latest version 2.6.18323.2 is from november 2018. Are you a Clayoo 2.5 user?
Which key features do you think are missing?


I’m using 2.6.18057.3 and for some reason I didn’t get an auto update and I think for some reason the Clayoo site had me confused and thinking I was up to date.

Downloading new version now.

The main problem I’d had was that when switching between faceted and smooth view, entire objects would disappear and only be recoverable through multiple undos, and even then only sometimes recoverable. It also seemed like it had began to tax my system really hard, almost the way it used to back when it had a memory leak.

We’ll see if that’s fixed after I upgrade. Thanks for letting me know there are newer versions than what I had.

Downloaded 2.6.18323.2
Installed it.
Relaunched Rhino
Got a pop-up plug-in error:

"Error occurred loading plug-in
No GV App port found


Then I tried to use Clayoo and it doesn’t work at all. None of the Commands are recognized.

So my update took Clayoo from frustratingly buggy to absolutely 100% unusable.

Now I can’t even convert clay in old files to NURBs in order to CNC them.


Hi @Max3

You must download Gate App which takes control over the updates of our software and your license. It also manages Elements, Learning resources and News.

You can download it from here and login with your tdm account:

If you need any help please contact and they can help you with the setup of the environment.