Rhino 6 - T splines - Z Brush Problem

Iv’e reached a point where I need to work in Z Brush but need T splines in order to use it because the files are not compatible with Rhino.
Is Rhino 6 going to be compatible with the T Splines plug in?
Have any of you found a solution that will allow me to use ZBrush files and get them back into Rhino 6 if T Splines won’t work with Rhino V6? I know Z brush files are mesh and rhino is nurbs. Is there any other solution to get Z Brush files into Rhino 6?

Thanks for your advise

You can work with mesh objects in Rhino and as far as I can tell, ZBrush exports both OBJ and FBX, both of which can be imported into Rhino.

T-splines will not be available for Rhino 6. You can thank Autodesk for that.


Eventhough you can have a mesh object in Rhino, you can’t do very much with it in the program. So you really need to convert the mesh to nurbs.

I’m wondering if it is possible to keep both versions of Rhino on my computer V5 and V6?

If that is the case then we would be able to keep T Splines in V5 and then move Brush files to V5 and then bring them into V6?

Yes Paul, you can do that, or you may want to buy Clayoo that probably will develop a V6 version of their plugin.

Well - in that case…
You can use the mesh as input for a Rhino SubD object and then edit it…

Thanks laborda.
I don’t know much about Clayoo. Can you do the amazing detailed sculpted pieces that I’ve seen in zbrush?

I also wonder if McNeel’s V6 will override V5 making it unusable. That just happened to my Keyshot program.

Wim, I’ve never heard of a subD file.

Laborda, will clayoo convert mesh to nurbs the way tsplines does?

No, new Rhino releases are always independent of the old ones, the older ones continue to work as before.

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No, you can’t.

One can not create small details like bird feathers or even pores of skin with Subdivision Surfaces methods
(by extruding faces etc.) The toolset Zbrush is famous for works with displacement on very highly subdivided meshes.One can not convert such dense meshes to Nurbs. Not with Tsplines, not with any other software.

No, actually you can thank McNeel too for not keeping backwards compatibility like there was between some previous versions.

I can’t guarantee that but it should have this feature if it wants to be an alternative to T-Splines.

Z-Brush has a lot more powerful tools than Clayoo for sculpting, but this doesn’t mean that this plugin can’t be ideal for people who want to do all inside Rhino.

Hifred thank you.

I know people who do it for jewelry. But I’m guessing the nurbs program will simplify it a bit. Since Rhino can’t convert mesh to nurbs, I need a reliable in between program that will.

Any suggestions are welcome.

I’m sure it’s a good program, but it’s bought by another company and there’s no guarantee they will keep supporting it. It’s a dilemma.

Like I said before, if the kind of mesh to NURBS conversion is the T-Splines kind, you will be able to do that by converting meshes to Rhino’s SubD and then to NURBS. See this post for more information on the status:

Thank You wim.
Will I also be able to do the reverse and convert nurbs to mesh?
I need to read up on subD. My goal is to bring ZBrush meshes into Rhino. I’m not sure ZBrush files are the same as Tsplines. I need to learn more about the file types.

I’ve also gotten word that I can upgrade to V6 and still keep V5 with tsplines. Then it’s just a matter of bringing a V5 file into V6.

Here are a couple older threads, but might be helpful: