City scal minimal path network

Im tring to do a city scal minimal path network with grasshopper and kangaroo,but there’s a new problem showing during the process.
In kargaroophysic component showing the result only the point on curve move but not the curve, i search at this forums and find a couple samle GH file as reference, its the same connection and compent but just runout different result,
Its very greatful to ponit out mistakes i made in my process.

-----------------------------------(MYSELF GH FILES)------------------------------------------------------
minal path.3dm (378.0 KB)
minimal (15.1 KB)
--------------------------------(REFERENCE GH FILES)------------------------------------------------------ (14.4 KB) (16.2 KB)

I am not an expert of Kangaroo but as I see Wool Thread have you been looking at Kernel Edge Bundling?
It could give that ( splitDistance = 0.005 * Math.Min(width, height); int AccResolution_x = 1000;)

I don’t know what is a “scal”, “minial” must be minimal!!

If you want to do this in Kangaroo, here’s an example using the current version: (16.5 KB)

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I now know whats problem during my kangaroo process,
and thanks for your help~Kernel Edge Bundling seem like more eaiser generate the path.
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
BTW Sorry for the wrong typing!!!

Thank you!!! gotta have a try in this way.

Each method has its advantage, Kernel Edge Bundling that I scripted is less interactive than Kangaroo,
There are also some hidden parameters, indeed they are in the C# so they could be exposed.
2 mains parameter are the size of the grid ( 1000 pixels x 1000 pixels => 1 million pixel) and the way to cut the lines in small parts (0.005 = 1/200). Each has an effect but it is not always easy to find, trials and errors …

No problem for the typing, I quite guess. But sometimes some words are more useful than others.

@DanielPiker can the woolythreads algorithm also exclude certain regions (e.g. avoid buildings)?
I am attempting to create a path network for a park that is on a hilly site and would like to know if and how I could incorporate exclusion zones and generate paths that take the terrain into account.

Hi @Intuos
Have you seen this thread?

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Yes that’s what I was looking for!