Circular Rhombus drawing

New to Rhino and need some help.
Not sure how to draw the rhombus in a circular pattern getting smaller and smaller towards the center of the design.


Hi Tal - A couple of things come to mind but I think making the pattern ‘sraight’ then using deformation tools like FlowAlongSrf to a radial surface or even the Maelstrom command might come in handy. I’ll see if I can make something that works. Could also be a good Grasshopper thing - see .

@Tal_Siegmann - this is a very rough shot at it - the spacing etc is not very nice but you can gat an idea how you might proceed - the pattern is created ‘flat’ and then flowed from the red rectangular surface to the white radial one, which has been distorted by rotating internal rows of control points. SpiralPattern.3dm (3.9 MB)


Thx for the quick response. I must confess that after working on this for a few hours I could not mimic the same results you got. I tried drawing all of the shapes along a straight line and flowed them all along the circle. I then copied and pasted the results, rotated them a bit and moved on to the next step. My second step was to shrink them in 2D. That worked but the lines did not intersect at exact points… Since my Rhino knowledge is limited do you have any other tips?
Thx again

You should be able to do it with a logarithmic spiral using circles. I don’t know how to do it with Grasshopper but it shouldn’t take long to draw part of it ‘by hand’ with Rhino itself:

You want them to overlap so you can draw lines where they bisect to create the hexagons that grow smaller toward the centre:

I could do it… but i’d have to do it by hand/trial and error. I’m sure there are some boffins on here who could knock it out with math learned in high school :slight_smile:


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WOW! How did you draw these circles? I was not able to explain what I was
looking for but you nailed it! The highlighted circles follow the path I am
trying to create.
Appreciate any tips

I didn’t… I just knew what I was looking for in Google :slight_smile: They’re screenshots, nothing I’ve created, sadly.

The easiest way would be to knock something out in Grasshopper but it wouldn’t be quick or easy for me to do it.

I was too busy drawing Ligers and eating tater tots in Maths class…

It’s a set of concentric circles I’m guessing coupled with the spiral?

Good hunting!