How yo create radial hexagonal grid with changing density?

Hi All,

I am quite new and was lucky enough to discover the Rhino and grasshopper softwares today. Does anyone know how can I create such a pattern (see attached photo;

) in Rhino in x-y plane? I am interested to know if I can make radially triangular (or hexagonal) grid with decreasing or increasing density of corners when we go farther from the center of the design.

Note 1) The photo attached is the example when the density of corners decrease the farther we go from the center.
Note 2) The triangular and hexagonal pattern are similar in nature, I am interested to make triangular pattern for my design with hexagonal overall shape
Note 3) I imagine for making such pattern we should put the grid on a curve surface and then convert it to two dimensional surface but I like to know your opinion about how to do this in the simplest way possible

Thank you all in advance