Spiral Circle Patterns

Hello, I am trying to create this pattern (attached) for a project, and i have tried spiraling on grasshopper through a tutorial but i dont believe it is enough to fullfill the task, i am a first time use for grasshopper so i am trying to learn. i have done the spiraling, and know how to play with the amount of points and turns, but how would i be able to take it into Rhino and modify it with actual circles rather than ticks. Hope this is clear enough to get some help, thank you in advance! ![image|300x300](uploaquasicrystal-fibonacci-number-spiral-patterns-in-nature-circle-mathematics-thumbnail d://eB3E9YS1U2S4NcYIfK7VJZul7En.png)

this is what i have so far, ive simply copied the work on the right over and over again to create more spirals, but i feel like im going on wrong about it.

Hi Rubiogue,

What you are looking for is called a Fibonacci Pattern. There are many threads regarding this on the forum. Like the one mentioned below.


An unconventional approach?

Spiral_Circle_Patterns_2019Sep2a.gh (21.3 KB)



There is a definition here if you want : http://www.designcoding.net/sunflower-spiral/

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