Creating a pattern

I need to create this pattern in Rhino but am a complete newbie in grasshopper. Complete. Is there a simple way to create this other than doing it by hand?

180621 (15.1 KB)

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ah! should have checked if anyone else was replying first :smile:
May as well post now anyway - a slightly different way of getting to the same thing: (6.4 KB)

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And there is also this post

Wow! I’m really impressed how fast you guys created that. Any chance a pattern with 19 rings could be done:-)

Change the “count” parameter in my definition.

Thank you so much for uploading the example. I opened it up in Grasshopper, my very first attempt at Grasshopper and it worked perfectly!!! Not as painful as I first imagined it might be. So, thank you very, very much, once again.

Is there anyway to have this pattern created with flattened spheres?

Yes. You could try it yourself to get started using grasshopper, it’s quite easy.
You just need to replace the circle component with a sphere component. Use the same radius as used for the circles and afterwards scale those spheres using the scale NU component in vertical direction (Z).

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Thanks very much! Before I even do that, how do I save the circle pattern so I can extrude it, if that is a solution temporarily. I only seem to be able to save the grasshopper configuration.

I know, I have to read the manual as I can’t be asking such newbie questions without taking the time to learn the tools myself. I appreciate your help.

I found the ‘Bake’ function.