Circular Point Gradient Around Opening

Hi there,

I am trying to create a randomised web-like drawing radiating out from a circular opening. I have achieved a gradient according to the y and x axis of a rectangle before, through deconstructing and remapping points and culling others. However, this time I am trying to establish a greater density of points around the inner circle, radiating out to the edge.

I have attached a screenshot of attempts I have tried but I am after something more like the (very rough) sketches! Any help would be hugely appreciated!

you could remesh by color

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I added the purple group for the inner circle to some code I wrote last month:

The spheres can be dropped, using only the points… to create a mesh… Do you have any code?

Many ways to play this…

Hi Laurent,

That looks perfect but I am struggling to apply the script to my own surface and curves. I have uploaded the surface as drawn into rhino directly. Is there any chance you can see if it is an error on my part or the shape is too complex?
Gradient Surfaces.3dm (2.9 MB)

R8 required,
This image looks very different from what you posted before. The method @laurent_delrieu linked to requires an Image Sampler with gradient image to drive the process, eh?

Correction, it does not. You have to study his code.

Thanks Joseph. I do have R8.

I know this image looks very different, but I thought that if I managed to get the method working with the method I could develop it into this shape! However, I have not been able to get the original shape working either!

you could reuse this tool from there

Perhaps with some changes. The idea is to color a mesh in order to give indication to the tool Remesh By Color.
So let say you have attractor curves (the holes) and other curves (the border).
For each point of the curve you measure the distance (min distance to holes) and min Distance to Border
The ratio is DistanceTo Hole/(distance to hole + distance to border) so it is between 0 and 1. if (distance to hole + distance to border) = 0 => ration =0;

Here an example with 2 circles. Not the same as above but could help you to understand.
remesh by (19.7 KB)

Don’t forget to put the good interval for the radiuses, it depends on the size of your geometry

Thank you so so much! Got it working now, massive help!!!