Distributing spheres gradiently towards a single attractor point

Looking for some help, and to build upon a previous thread, with similar characteristics, please see below:


Looking for a very similar script, but a little different. I tried to illustrate it the best I could, please see image below.

One single attractor point on a planarsurface defining the outer limits, several points (and/or spheres adjustable in radius, also a little bit random in size), randomly distributed in a ‘gradient’ (as in becoming less dense, more dispersed towards the edges) contracting towards the attractor point, arranged along directions (as seen in the illustration).

Would really appreciate if someone could help me with this!


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Three sliders plus Graph Mapper determine the pattern. I didn’t fiddle with sphere radii as that part is trivial.

This shows culled points in red (no spheres). White “attractor” point at origin.

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