Circular kirigami cut pattern

Good day all,

I am trying to create this kirigami cut pattern on GH following this youtube tutorial. [for diagram of cut pattern, see 2:20]

when expanded, the paper makes a expanded net structure as such:

Cuts are circular arcs, with positions alternating between odd and even circles.

I have some .gh definitions using these two strategies:
circle kirigami (19.1 KB)
v2 kirigami (12.3 KB)

i hope someone will teach me how to make the circular arc cuts, while having them alternate between odd and even circles. I’m having trouble understanding how to select only one branch from the tree of points.

Could someone enlighten me? Many thanks!


is this what you’re trying to achieve?
im not so much “selecting” single branches, but performing an alternating rotation of half/full “slice”.
first branch of 8 curves gets rotated 0 degrees, 2nd 22.5, 3rd 45 - and so on.

(was missing a plugin to look at your definition, tried to figure it out from the video…) (15.6 KB)

Hi Amir,

Indeed that is what i’m hoping for. Thank you sir, much appreciated!
I will continue to work on varying the radial gap between cuts via an uneven division.

Best Regards,
Samson lai

Hi Sam. I’m not using any plugin for multiplication. Are you using the latest Rhino/Grasshopper? Anyway, the only multiplication occurring is seen in the screenshot, so you should be able to complete the definition. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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