I'd like to make various circular patterns

Hello. I’d like to make various circular patterns. First of all, we have succeeded in implementing various shapes from Rhinos to curved components. But I want to give you the size and angle separately. What should I do?

And the algorithm that we’ve created now is formed outward when we increase the number of circles. What should I do if I want to implement it inside, not outside?
sample1.gh (14.4 KB)

I’m studying Grasshopper and I really want to know.

You have 8*67=536 geometries, so you want to control them separately? Then, you’ll need 536 individual parameters(ie, slider values). Do you think that makes sense to you?
Why are you using GH for this here? You can manipulate your individual geo in Rhino yourself by hand.

If you’d like to create your circles inwards, One way is using Offset with the series of minus values.