Circular Kirigami using Kangaroo

I am trying to achieve some similar output,

Creating a mesh with alternating cuts (circular arcs) worked fine,
Now on using kangaroo, to create the motion is something I need help with.
@DanielPiker @DavidRutten @laurent_delrieu
Thank you for your time.
Attaching a reference image and the script in progress too.kirigami (25.6 KB)

Just to not let this question…

Your definition used way too short cuts!
“Bridges” that connect one ring to the other are much shorter than the cuts.

Here an attempt:

circular (25.7 KB)

Inside I’ve made a custom c# that “cut” a mesh (unweld) and move vertexes away from the cut:

Possible tweaks for better simulation would be:

  • using equal length segments (currently outer ring is much more rigid than inner ring, due to same amount of edges
  • using a better solution to keep the paper un-shearable (currently, if you go too fast, it shears instead of bending…)

Hope it helps…


Thank you so much for your time and help @maje90