Circular data Visualization

Im relatively new to Grasshopper and I want to create somethign from the below image:
1, I have managed to make a circle + add the names from my CSV file
2. I need help with the line part

Please upload your grasshopper file so we can see what you have tried and allows us to show you based on the data you are working with.

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Check this


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Exp (35.0 KB) Oil and Gas.3dm (18.5 MB)

The File im working with for those that are curios.
Plus credits to Ren Ting :slight_smile: forgot to mention

Author of this visualization you used in the original post

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Here’s a quick go using blend curves: (14.2 KB)


Thanks your string will help me alot, I have adjusted it and will be posting a outcome when I get home and im-put the right data :slight_smile:

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I have one question, Is it possible to have the lines go from 2 specific points?

Sure, you just need to replace the logic where I was randomly selecting line pairs, by whatever logic you need. Here’s a quick example where I select the line pairs using a genepool instead: (20.5 KB)

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