From folding (Origami) to Grasshopper

Hi everyone

can anyone help me with this structure in the foto? i tried several ways to get there but i couldnt do it.
its a folding paper structure in form of an X that is going to repeat itself in form of a cylindric tower.
the goal is that i can easely change the parameters of the tower.

Any suggestions how to get there?
Attached my latest gh. file and a foto of the structure

Tower (14.6 KB)

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This could be done with Kangaroo. I’d start by creating a cilinder with the desired size, populate it with the desired pattern and then use Kangaroo solver for the final result. There are a few tutorials on youtube.

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In case of cylinder, you can use Diamond Panels fr Lunchbox plugin… (19.6 KB)


Cool! But is the final result physically restricted like an actual fold? Is it actually a single sheet of paper? I don’t think that it can be simulated without a physical engine, right?

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In this case, I removed the seam of the Lunchbox panels, and could be unfolded as a single strip… not a sheet.
When using simulation, in my opinion, the hard part would be the matching with the seam of the sheet…

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if you dont mind using mesh and if you dont need it for fabrication this could also be a way (10.3 KB)

mesh+ and explode mesh needed

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Folding simulation works but not easy to match the sheet’s end sides at the same seam…


No physics, but if I did the mathematical part right, it should be realistic. All you Need to do is Change the “paper size” and the divisions in y and y.

For example on a A4 paper: (31.3 KB)

When looking at the file please excuse the unclean way of creating the surfaces. I’m to tired to do it in a cleaner way :smiley:

Hope I could help


Here’s a different approach I used to make some bracelets. (20.0 KB)


Thank you for all the examples! I’m new to Grasshopper and i appreciate it a lot.

Hi Tim, thanks for the beautiful definition! I’m a grasshopper noob, and am wondering if you might update this for the latest grasshopper/rhino releases. Haven’t been able to resolve the load errors (no backwards compatibility bah humbug). Much thanks!