From folding (Origami) to Grasshopper


(Markusmeiler664) #1

Hi everyone

can anyone help me with this structure in the foto? i tried several ways to get there but i couldnt do it.
its a folding paper structure in form of an X that is going to repeat itself in form of a cylindric tower.
the goal is that i can easely change the parameters of the tower.

Any suggestions how to get there?
Attached my latest gh. file and a foto of the structure

Tower (14.6 KB)

(David S. Mavrov) #2

This could be done with Kangaroo. I’d start by creating a cilinder with the desired size, populate it with the desired pattern and then use Kangaroo solver for the final result. There are a few tutorials on youtube.


In case of cylinder, you can use Diamond Panels fr Lunchbox plugin… (19.6 KB)

(David S. Mavrov) #4

Cool! But is the final result physically restricted like an actual fold? Is it actually a single sheet of paper? I don’t think that it can be simulated without a physical engine, right?


In this case, I removed the seam of the Lunchbox panels, and could be unfolded as a single strip… not a sheet.
When using simulation, in my opinion, the hard part would be the matching with the seam of the sheet…


if you dont mind using mesh and if you dont need it for fabrication this could also be a way (10.3 KB)

mesh+ and explode mesh needed


Folding simulation works but not easy to match the sheet’s end sides at the same seam…

(Tim Stark) #8

No physics, but if I did the mathematical part right, it should be realistic. All you Need to do is Change the “paper size” and the divisions in y and y.

For example on a A4 paper: (31.3 KB)

When looking at the file please excuse the unclean way of creating the surfaces. I’m to tired to do it in a cleaner way :smiley:

Hope I could help

Origami pattern fold in GH
Origami using Kangaroo

Here’s a different approach I used to make some bracelets. (20.0 KB)

(Markusmeiler664) #10

Thank you for all the examples! I’m new to Grasshopper and i appreciate it a lot.