Boundary Scaling Circle packing

Hello all

I am attempting to play with kangaroo for the first time and am a little confused. I am trying to create a circle packing similar to what is seen here:

However I am having difficulty with the algorithm. I have not been able to find a good resource of up to date examples or tutorials on kangaroo. It would be great if there were more tutorials, examples, and explanations to help beginners.

I have attached my file any help would be appreciated.

Triangle mesh and circle (22.2 KB)

Hi Bill,

The most up-to-date source of example files for Kangaroo is here:

I’m working on some components to simplify this sort of remeshing further, but in the meantime here’s a definition that uses only components contained in the current Kangaroo release for Rhino 6, to hopefully make things easier in terms of library references: (15.7 KB)

It’s still a multi stage process for now.
I’ve numbered the steps you need to apply in the definition

  1. remeshing according to distance from boundary
  2. Data-Dam to pass the mesh to the next step
  3. Start the relaxation

Great thank you for linking to the examples too.

One follow up question how do you set a maximum radius?


In that definition, the values going into the ConstructDomain component set the radii at the boundary and interior.

That nice to see how to achieve the boundary scale effect that was present in the previous version of the remesher.