Packing circles on surfaces

Follow up on this example of kangaroo 1, I was trying to do the same thing with Kangaroo 2 on Rhino 6 but I am still struggling to find the various component used in Kangaroo 1 into Kangaroo 2.

I know the Kangaroo 2 solver only need to merge all into goal object, but since the kangaroo 1 component all disappeared in the file when I open it, I don’t know which component goes to where.

In the script, I am missing:

Kangaroo Physics,
Kangaroo Setting

The rest I can figure out, but I am not too sure about the last one …

Spring from Line ===> Length(Line)
Remove Duplicate Pts ===> RemoveDuplicatePts(dupPt)
Interconnect Points ===> InterconnectPoints(inter)

Pull to Surf ===> PullCurve?

Many Thanks!!

Here you can find the same definition written with Kangaroo2:


Thanks Mahdiyar!