Circle Packing (kangaroo+C#)

I recovered this definition from Dan Piker’s Github. Tried modifying it according to my needs, but the C# script seems to be conflicting with the kangaroo solver. Can anybody lighten me on the possible issues?
What I am trying to accomplish as a final result is to have the sphere pertrude one another with a controllable distance. Would that be possible, and if so where do you suggest I start looking ? (in terms of method) (29.8 KB)

It may be that the C# script is referencing a different copy of the KangarooSolver.dll than Grasshopper is loading.
Where this file is will depend on which version of Rhino/GH you are using, since it is included in Rhino 6.

However, you might not need that scripted component at all. That example was made to show how they can be made tangent to the boundary, but if you don’t need this you can remove that component.

well, I do need the c# since I do need the spheres to be tangent one to another hence creating a tight circle packing.
Might you know how am I to fix the issue with the kangaroo solver ? I tried something looking through the grasshopper3dforeum. but it didn’t seem to work. By the way, how would it be different if I was to use Rhino5?