Circle on a plane from another curve



Create a circle at the intersection of the plane on the second line ON THAT PLANE

NormalCircles (7.5 KB)

Are you looking for planeOrigin component? (5.0 KB)

yes. thank you. been stuck for hours on this little problem

and to add a little wrinkle, how would you elegantly handle this


PlaneOrigin (9.3 KB)

and the intersections with the plane might not be contiguous

PlaneOrigin (11.3 KB)

Tree Stats… nice. One little pro trick per day. Thank you.

and that leads to the final list / tree challenge : /

What to cull the orignal planes with to get a series of resulting circles on the correct plane, from the subset of intersections.

(In this demo, only the two circles on the last plane are intersecting - instead of at 7 planes for some reason. This is odd since all the circles are built on their respective planes.)

The two circles will intersect at two locations in this project. The upper (highest Z value) is the one to be used to create the third circle that intersects both lines and forms a fillet arc. Incidentally, this problem is what brought me to GH from Rhino.

PlaneOrigin (19.2 KB)

I don’t fully understand what you’re trying to achieve, anyway, check the attachment.

PlaneOrigin (15.9 KB)

Thank You. The challenge is to choose the intersection such that the third circle at each plane of intersection (of the primary circles) remains on a continuous curve and does not jump to the opposite polarity like this


The first circle on the left is the “wrong” polarity. I chose the curves deliberately to present this actual problem )


EDIT: It seems that your solution correctly solves for Z, but they also present a challenge in Y. That was not intentional, but entirely possible situation. Appologies for the misdirection

The PSHIFT component is todays lesson. I need to play with that some more.