Curve/Curve Intersection: Arcs between smaller circles arranged around a larger circles

I have a simple problem that I just cannot seem to figure out. I have two sets of smaller circles arranged along a larger circle. I want to draw the arcs (the same radius as the larger circle) between the smaller circles. I was able to get this to work for the outer set (you can see it highlighted in green), I did this by solving the intersection between the smaller circles and the larger one. But when I try to do this same process for the inner set, the start and end of the list are flipped (see numbers). I think this is a problem with the Curve/Curve Intersection component, does anyone have any other ideas on how I might accomplish this?

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It’s not simple unless you know how. (11.4 KB)

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Simple solution! Thank you. But, I think I just made this problem a lot more complicated. This is something I have run into before, but in a different form. Any Idea how to do that same operation but in multiple spots at the same time (see red and blue curves)? I don’t think I understand list structures well enough to do this without doing each set individually. Sorry to keep bothering (175.3 KB)

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Try this (5.7 KB)