Intersecting lines with a plane

Hello Everyone, I am new to grasshopper and maybe this is a trivial question. I have a bunch of lines intersecting a plane. I want the lines to stop and to be trimmed at the plane. This works when I have the plane in the xy direction. However, when I rotate in another direction, I get something like this:

The lines are not trimmed at the intersecting points (marked as x). I used the following components to do so:

Could you please assist me with what is going on and how to solve this?
Thank you very much

shatter means break curve into segments.
your curve itself is not long enough to reach the plane.
what reaches the plane is “line”, while you connect curve to [line] input
curve automatically turn to line which has infinite length in GH.
so here you can not use shatter.

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Hi Deer,

Thank you so much for your help. It works and also thanks for the explanations

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