Bending polysurfaces

Hi all,

I’m new to rhino and I wanted to bend a rectangular extrusion as its being shown in the picture, is there a grasshopper script that could help me or are there other alternatives?

I wanted it to look as if its being melted and thus its bending towards the ground.

Hello - something like this, maybe?





yes, this is exactly it. Thank you Pascal.

small question off topic:
@pascal, how did you split your command line window into 2 ?

Hello - I normally dock Filter on one side and DragStrength on the other side of the command line. I also fit Osnaps in there next to DragStrength normally as well- my idea being that on a wide screen the command line is mostly wasted pixels to the right and if I can compress it and use the space for other stuff, that is just as well.

Does that get at what you are asking?


yes! for some reason I had trouble simply dragging/docking before but it works now.
thnx @pascal