Murmuration Geometry

Not sure this is the right place to get this type of help, maybe someone can point me in the right direction. I’m brand new to grasshopper, (I have a hunch that may be part of the answer to this inquiry) and used to using rhino with a mostly solid/void basic approach where platonic geometries are usually plenty effective as starting points. in this case im trying to replicate (doesnt have to be exact) this paper model of a starling murmuration that’s meant to fit inside a 12" “sphere.” I haven’t come to the stage of adding perforations, right now im mostly looking for help making a surface curve on itself into a knot like in the photos. the two rhino screen shots show how I thought this might be approached. on the left, the “sphere” (really only a few arcs of the sphere) “cage” is a close match to my model, achieved by cutting circles out of two adjacent cylinders, im happy with that. on the right is my attempt to create a surface that could be folded up into a sort of mobius-like knot that would fit inside the shape on the left. I thought there would be enough nuance in the “bend” command that I could pull off mimicking the way I actually made this out of paper, but im pretty sure bend is not going to be the way to go, and perhaps neither is starting with a flat disc with a spiral cut in it. it was enough of a headache just achieving that spiral perforation in the disc surface, and now im realizing that bending discrete parts of the spiral individually as I did with my paper model is not easy in rhino. I attempted to do this with curves and control points only, and then to loft afterwards, but I couldn’t get results that I was pleased with. can anyone suggest a tutorial or forum or anything that might get me on the right track?

thank you!

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Hi! Try using this tutorial from Gediminas Kirdeikis:

Hope it helps!