Chrome has started to block downloads of .3dm files from here

Don’t know if anyone else using Chrome has been experiencing this - since a couple of days, it has been blocking downloads of sample files from Discourse - but not only those, I have also had file transfers via some service like WeTransfer get blocked - even if it was some relatively benign file type like a .tif. Seems like the latest update thinks everything downloaded is dangerous.

Getting the stuff via Firefox was no problem. I now had to turn off “safe browsing” in Chrome in order to allow it to download the files from here…

I don’t think we can do much about that.

I’ll keep happily using FireFox Nightly.

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annoying google. knows everything better than us.
Firefox since ever for me:)

Hi @Helvetosaur,

FWIW I’m not seeing that with Safe Browsing set to Standard Protection in Version 110.0.5481.78.

OK, I had Chrome 109.something, I just updated, will see if that fixes it or not.

Not expecting you to, as this is not necessarily a McNeel problem, just wanted to see if anyone else had this happening. Personally I don’t care which browser I use for the most part, but Chrome turns out to be a lot better with filling in the forms in eLIS when I’m sending out Rhino licenses to customers, so it saves me a lot of time.

When Bard comes onstream your download requests will presumably have to be written as sonnets…

Hi Mitch - what is under that ‘up arrow’? There are ‘Safe Browsing’ settings in Chrome’s settings that might come into play too.


Alas poor Google, I knew him well… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Looks like the update to Chrome 110.whatever may have fixed the problem…

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Yeah, that was one of the problems, normally there is a small menu under the arrow, but in this case (now maybe fixed) there was no choice at all and no way to say “no, I want to download this anyway…”