Unable to upload simple 224kb 3dm file

is there a problem as test send email received it so not a banned file for such systems as virgin media did wonder.
and create topic button grey at times.
in fact unable to send this message.

I wonder how the message managed to appear here despite your claim :s

uploads not sending, i click the faded send and it sends but it shouldnt be grey, so not a problem if it does send, uploads though fail above 100kb.
and as i now go to the rely button that is faint.i will click it and see what happens.


freshly_baked_file.3dm (142.0 KB)

Hmm, not sure what is going on for you. I have here Firefox 50.0b11 installed, seems to be working just fine.

Perhaps check your browser, see if you maybe have some blockers active that could interfere with our Discourse site?

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freshly_baked_file.3dm (142.0 KB)



Hi, I have Firefox 49 and its at fault, as IE works, after nuking my avatar.
Not aware of updating Firefox though for some time, but also not uploaded file for some time, so if I can find a way of reverting to previous version I might win through.

Do people with MACs get these pesky windows problems where one company doesn’t test an update , there again how does one test such on thousands of forums.

ok I had to reset (now called Refresh) Firefox to factory settings and now it works. As I never meddle with any settings clearly its messed itself up. aaaah the world of PCs. its now 1am and I havent had eve meal yet ! Grrrrrrr.

Test export 10x10cm to photoshop line weights and dimensional changes.3dm (213.7 KB)