Character modeling in rhino

i was wondering can rhino be used for character modeling i cant find anything about that .

It depends on what kind of look and feel you are going for. If you’re on the Rhino 7 beta you can use the sub-d tools to make some basic, decent “cartoon-ey” type of things, same was was done with T-Splines when that was a thing. But if you want more detail than that you’re far better off on a different software - zbrush or something like that. While the V7 renderer looks promising too, you’ll be quite limited in what kind of texture mapping you can do, unless you send your model out to Substance Painter or something like that.

ETA - this is a good example of the look and feel that V7/sub-d can create:

Thanks for the info i’m really interested in that field but i’ve been using rhino for quite some time and got used to its workflow … blender looks interesting but the workflow is much different than rhino

Yeah if you already know your way around Rhino and you can get sub-d’s to do what you want, that’ll be way faster than learning an entirely different workflow/technology/software.

as @sgreenawalt says. depends on what you need. I use it to model characters but mainly for toys, not rendering.
here you can see my normal workflow:

the sub-D tools are better for iteration and improving the design. Also if you get used to Sub-d, it will not be too much different in blender or polygon softwares. generally speaking are the same. ( sub-d an polygon modeling)


not exactly what i want for results but looks really great also thanks for the tip