Character Design in Rhino?

Does Rhino 7 have any tools to model 3d characters for platforms such as video games or animation?

What specific tools are you looking for? I know that it can be used for character design. @DiegoK, @11150, @gkirdeikis, and others have created characters in Rhino in the past.
I’d personally recommend Blender instead, or a combination of Rhino and Blender, since it offers faster mesh workflows, sculpting, and a superior UV editor. Rhino also doesn’t have any rigging tools, which you might need.

Rhino has subdivision surfaces (next to nurbs and mesh modelling). A good choice for character modelling, basically.
It does not have sculpting, or hair, or sophisticated UV unwrapping features. So, give it a try, but you will maybe get farther with other 3d packages. Blender, cinema4d, 3dsmax, maya, … depending on your budget. Sculpting: zbrush, 3dcoat, adobe substance modeller,…