Will Rhino 7 offer anything to people that don't need Sub-D modeling?

I know it’s way too early to be thinking about this, but I’m already being asked by people around here about Rhino 7. They want to know if there is going to be anything exciting coming our way. I mention Sub-D modeling because, to be honest, I have no idea what else is being worked on or planned for the future release. When I mention Sub-D modeling they look at me perplexed. There’s no point explaining it because it’s not functionality that we would ever use here anyway.

Is there going to be anything major for the people who have no need for Sub-D modeling, or is that pretty much the only focus for Rhino 7?




Good question, have been wondering about the same thing since SubD will not really be of much use / improvement in our studio. Surely it’s a huge effort to implement them seamlessly into Rhino core and all aspects of modeling so also curious if any other “major” features are planned.

The WIP announcements specify the new work.
Only some of it is SubD related.

These changes are always summarized here:

We really need to figure out how to provide better information on what is being worked on. You guys are regulars on discourse and even you are asking these questions :slight_smile:

Rhino 7 is quite far along in development and many new non-SubD features have been added. I have updated our summary list at Rhino 7 Features

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Maybe that list should be permanently “pinned” to the top of the Serengeti category.

Hi Steve/John,

I’m glad I asked the question. Somehow I missed that list of Rhino 7 features. It’s now bookmarked for future reference.



Now it’s also at the top of every single Discourse page :slight_smile: